Can You Help With Our Database?

We know what we want, we have the data, we know how it needs to be presented - what we lack is the ability to create a working relational database.

Some databases will be 'internal' and used only within the group, some need to be searchable from this website, some need to be 'stand-alone' as very few people have MS-Access or anything similar on their home computer (and we have no experience with anything other than MS-Windows).

Collecting the data and collating it is one thing, being able to search it and present it is a whole different thing and most of our data (e.g. census transcriptions) currently exists within MS-Excel spreadsheets because we are familiar with them.

While it would be nice to have a 'search every record-set' type of database at some time in the future, we are not at that stage yet because we just don't know all possible the data-fields - for now, it would be nice to simply speed-up data retrieval on a set-by-set basis.

If you are an expert, or even very capable, with databases, please contact us using this form...