The Sale of Oatlands -1 4 August 1846

Third Sale 1846 - Front

The was only only one lot on offer at this sale and this comprised the two manors "Byfleet and Weybridge" and "Walton Leigh" and, while we have not yet located the auctioneer's receipts for the sale to put a name to the purchaser, we do know that both manors were successfully disposed of.

The document shown above appears to be a printer's proof for the auction catalogue as there are several annotatons to its content - it would be nice to locate the actual catalogue for the sale but that has, so far, eluded us.

Within what we have for reference, the Manor of Byfleet and Weybridge was offered for sale as follows:

"With all its Quit Rents, Fines Arbitrary, Heriots, Royalties, Rights, Members and Appurtenances thereto pertaining.

All Copyhold Lands held of this Manor pay a fine to the Lord of Two Years Improved Rent upon descent, and one year and a half Improved Rent is usually accepted upon Alienation, and a Heriot is also payable on Death.

The Lord is entitled also to one-third of the Oak Timber felled for sale.

The Quit Rents and Heriots are stated in the Terrier hereafter set set forth.

The valuable Manor of Weybridge and Byfleet extends about ten miles in circumference, and is sold subject to the repairs of the public bridge at Byfleet, which is built with timber, and may be upheld for a great number of years in its present state at a very moderate anual expense, or if it should be thought desirable by the Lord of the Manor, an entirely new Bridge might be constructed with brick, at a sum, it is apprehended not exceeding at any rate £1000

The Manor is also subject to one moiety of the repairs of Crockford Bridge, leading from Weybridge to Addlestone, but this is now a very substantial Brick Bridge, with large arches and will not require any expense for a very long time, except to the repairs of the railing to the Carriage road over it. One moiety of this and of the approach roads is kept in repair by the Lord of this Manor, the other moiety is at the expense of Lord Onslow, as owner of the adjoining Manor."

This manor amounted to 720 acres 3 roods 16 perches (291.84 hectares) and the Manor of Walton Leigh totalled 235 acres 1 rood and 35 perches (95.56 hectares), giviing a combined total of a little over 952 acres which is around 385 hectares.

We have not yet discovered the price paid for the two manors.


When the total for these two manors is added to the 980 acres of the first sale, this gives a total of 1,932 acres. We know that Ball Hughes sold a one third share of the Manor of Walton on Thames to Durley Grazebrook sometime earlier, but we can't believe that this would have accounted for the 'missing' 1580 acres from the original purchase of 3,512 acres. It may be that, in the compilation of this web-page we have overlooked something that we should have remembered (at the time of writing, there is a lot of pressure on a very limited number of people), but if anyone can help us work this out, please contact our Research Coordinator.

Image Source: Surrey History Centre, Goldsworth Road, Woking