St Mary's Church - Incumbents

The incumbents of St Mary Oatlands are shown in this list, provided to us by the church office:

1862    Rev.Rouse appointed as "Priest in Charge".
1867    Rev.Bowden buys patronage for £1000 and appoints himself as first vicar.
1871    Rev.Powell appointed.
1872    Rev. Meade appointed.
1875    Rev.Bowes Watson appointed.
1887    Rev.Townsend appointed.
1916    Re.(Canon) de Verd Leigh appointed.
1937    Rev.(Canon) Cole appointed.
1949    Rev.(Canon) McKitterick appointed.
1977    Rev.Gibbin appointed.
1991    Rev.Anker appointed.         
2006    Rev Parsons appointed.       
2010    Rev Brunn appointed