1910 Valuation Survey

This project involves the copying, transcription and interpretation of the records created by the valuation survey of 1910-1915 which are within The National Archive at Kew.

As the map covering Oatlands no longer exists it may not be possible to clearly identify every property, as is usual for most towns and villages, but we will do our best and, by a process of elimination, we should be able to obtain the names of the occupiers and owners and the valuation details for most of them - many of these records contain descriptions of the property concerned.

This project is taking longer than expected as, due to the map no longer existing, it took a considerable time to actually locate the records for Oatlands and, when we have completed the copying of the 'block of records' relating to the village, it will be necessary to go through every book at the end of the section to look for out of sequence records that were added after the main group were collated. Things are further delayed by the main researcher on this project not being resident in the UK and unable to undertake the task for a limited time when he is back here.

If you are a National Archives regular or would be willing to undertake some research there on this fascinating project then please contact our research coordinator using the feedback form.