The 'Private' Schools

Private (or privately funded) education has always existed in Oatlands, from the 'home schooling' of Henry VIII's time till the present day - whether it was the rudimentary copying and learning of manual skills for the lower classes or a more formal and wide ranging education for the upper classes.

The early censuses reveal that virtually any 'wealthy' home in the newly born village that had children also had a governess when the children had reached a certain age or a nanny prior to that who would have had a responsibility for the child's welfare that included their early education.

A number of formal, fee-paying, schools came later - some lasted, some didn't, either way they provided education away from the family home and widened the experiences of a child beyond what could be expected from within the household. Many of these schools attracted students, however reluctantly, from a great distance within the UK or from overseas and this served to widen the cultural diversity to which a child, and the village was exposed.

The 'cataloguing' of these schools is not always a simple task and we are aware of the glaring holes in our current knowledge. If you can add to that knowledge in any way we would love to hear from you - please use the contact form for our research coordinator.