St Margaret's School
We currently know very little about St Margaret's School. It appears in the 1910 Valuation Survey and its location is show on a plan contaied within the valuation book (the overall plan that accompanied the survey is officially "lost" for our area).- unfortunately we haven't yet arrived at it in our copying of the survey books at the National Archives in Kew.
St Margarets School - Oatlands ChaseWe also know that it was a girls boarding school from its entry on the 1911 census, which shows Mary (M.A.J.) Drake at the "Head of Household".

St Margarets School - 1911 Census1911 Census - Crown Copyright

Neither the school nor Mrs Drake appear in the 1901 census - the house wasn't built then. All the land orininally belonged to the large house named Ronneby (formerly The Castle) owned by Caroline Mathews. following the death of her husband Richard in 1865. Caroline married William Stephens in 1882.
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We have not yet determined when the school closed.

The house was not owned by Miss Drake, but was one of several properties in the village owned by the vicar, Rev. John Hands Townsend.

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