The Two Village Banks

In the heady days of the big mansions that overlooked the Broadwater, before the first World War changed things forever, there were two banks in the heart of the village.

These are shown simply as "Bank - unoccupied" in the 1911 census - "unoccupied" because the census recorded the persons in a property on the night of 2nd April 1911 and, of course, the banks would have been closed as the 2nd of April was a Sunday.

Kelly's Directory for 1911 shows the two banks listed as follows:

Barclay & Company Limited, bankers (sub branch) (Robt.Eustace Low, manager); Open tues. & fri. 11 to 3pm; draw on head office, 54 Lombard Street, London EC


London, County & Westminster Bank Ltd. (sub branch) (Charles John Garratt, manager); open tues. & fri. 11 to 3; draw on head office, 21 Lombard Street, London, EC

Both are known to have been sub-branches of the ones in Weybridge.

More information to follow...