Future Publications

We have many ideas for books that we would like to publish. Some of these are actually completed and ready for printing and publication, some are part-complered, some have not progressed far beyond the initial concept.

Publishing a book is not, we have discovered, a simple process unless it is likely to sell in large quantities and is therefore of interest to a commercial publisher. The alternative routes are either too costly or, to us, rather complicated.

We will publish books - it is a necessary step towards making the history and heritage of Oatlands known on a wider scale - but when this will happen we don't yet know.

Two of our reproductions of originals in our collection are scheduled for publication in 2013 and we will try everything within our capabilities to make that happem.

Any books that are published will appear as a news item for the first six months and will transfer into the "Current Publications" section of this website.

If you have any experience of publishing, particularly of "Print on Demand" (POD), please contact us via the relevant link in the "Can You Help?" section.