Oatlands Book of RecipesThe Oatlands Book of Recipes was originally published in 1913 as part of the fund-raising effort to help offset the cost of the peal of eight bells which were installed in St Mary's Church and dedicated on the 2nd of March that year.

Scheduled for publication in 2013 to coincide with the centenary of the bells, this reproduction will be as close to the original as it will be possible for us to achieve at an affordable price and all of the advertisments and text will be faithfully recreated.

The recipes are a wonderful glimpse into the menus of the early Edwardian household and include examples that spread across the social strata of the age - from "chestnut soup" to "scotch woodcock", (including some vegetarian dishes) - and the "Household Hints" range from "to keep moths out of fur" to the ever popular "cure for chilblains".

Recipe categories are: Soups, Fish, Breakfast Dishes, Entrees & Savouries, Meat & Poultry, Puddings & Sweets, Cakes & Bread and Miscellaneous (which includes jams and wines) - 242 recipes in total.

With 15 period advertisments for businesses in Oatlands, Walton and Weybridge, this book will be as much at home on the coffee table as in the kitchen and will make an ideal gift.